Pharmacy Sterile Preparation

Training for Pharmacists in Institutional, Home Health, and Community Settings

    A 20-hour ACPE training program designed to fulfill the requirements of benchmark training for the State of New Mexico Board of Pharmacy Sterile Products regulations.

      Goals and Objectives:

After completing this training course, the pharmacist will be able to:

  • Identify and describe major terminology and concepts as related to infection cycle, sterilization, and contamination factors.
  • Correctly utilize terminology and abbreviations
  • Accurately utilize pharmacy math, conversions, ratio/proportion, percentages, and calculations in order to calculate different types of dosages and IV flow rates.
  • Identify and describe uses of various products and equipment utilized in sterile products.
  • Demonstrate and describe proper aseptic technique in the preparation of antineoplastic vials, powders, and solutions, which includes proper gowning and glove techniques.
  • Demonstrate aseptic preparation of ampules, vials, and various parenteral drugs, solutions, and apparatuses.
  • Identify the needed physical plant requirements to meet the minimum requirements as outlined by the Board of Pharmacy.


The course consists of twelve hours of home study with test worksheets for each module. The worksheets are to be turned in at the beginning of the on-site training.

The didactic on-site training day consists of lectures, review of home study worksheets, video training and hands on process validation of aseptic technique of both normal manipulation and cytotoxic drug manipulation.

In addition, new barrier isolation technology will be presented.

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