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Generic Premarin 0.625 mg

Generic Premarin 0.625 mg online

Premarin is a conjugated equine estrogen applied in hormone replacement therapy. It consists of natural estrogens derived from pregnant mares' urine and is prescribed for menopause symptoms treatment, osteoporosis prevention and certain cancer types symptoms relief. The therapeutic dose of 0.625 mg daily for 25 days on the drug and the following 5 days off the drug is indicated for hypogonadism treatment.

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What is Generic Premarin?

Generic Premarin is an estrogen medication that consists of conjugated equine estrogens, isolated from pregnant mares’ urine. The medicine works by replacing estrogen no longer produced by ovaries in menopausal women, thus helping to relieve menopausal symptoms and preventing menopause-related bone changes. The key ingredients of the drug are natural horse estrogens, but it also contains additive agents as tricalcium phosphate, hydroxypropyl cellulose, hypromellose, carnauba wax, magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate, sucrose, titanium dioxide and polyethylene glycol.

When is Generic Premarin indicated?

Generic Premarin is primarily indicated for menopausal symptoms management, including hot flashes and vaginal dryness. The medicine is also prescribed to prevent osteoporosis development in post climacteric women. It can be administered to young women, whose ovaries fail to produce enough estrogen, as well. Besides, it is applied in relieving symptoms of certain cancer types in both men and women.

How to take Generic Premarin?

It is advisable to initiate menopausal symptoms treatment and osteoporosis prevention with lower doses of Generic Premarin. Generally it is 0.3 mg once daily. If necessary the dose may be titrated up. There may be administered cyclic use, with periodic breaks (e.g. 25 days on the drug, 5 days off) and continuous use (without beaks). When administered for female hypogonadism, 0.625 mg daily should be taken cyclically. For palliation of metastatic cancer the dose is 10 mg thrice daily for 3 months.

When is Generic Premarin contraindicated?

Generic Premarin is contraindicated at individual intolerance. It shouldn’t be used by people with hypertension, diabetes, thrombosis, congestive cardiac failure and some other illnesses. The medicine isn’t the right choice for pregnant and lactating women as well.

What are Generic Premarin side effects?

Generic Premarin side effects are mainly of general nature: headache, stomachache, back pain, vaginal bleeding and painful joints. Occasionally the drug may increase the risk of endometrial cancer. Long-term application may provoke heart attacks, strokes, blood-clotting and breast cancer.

Where can one buy Generic Premarin?

The medication is available at internet pharmacies. One can order Generic Premarin online in tablet form with 0.625 mg strength. Buying online, you can save some extra money on free delivery and large order discounts as many online pharmacies provide great deals for their customers.

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