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Xenical 60 mg

Xenical 60 mg online

It is a synthetic lipase inhibitor that prevents fats absorption from daily meals, thus promoting weight loss. It is commonly used in obesity treatment. This medication should be taken in combination with calorie-controlled diet.

Xenical 120 mg

Xenical 120 mg online

Long-term use of the drug along with lyfestyle alterations (dieting and exercising) helps reduce weight in overweight and obese people and prevent development of type 2 diabetes in people at higher risk.

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What is Generic Xenical?

Generic Xenical is a weight-loss promoting product. It promotes weight reduction by preventing the absorption and digestion of dietary fat. The active ingredient of the medicine is orlistat, a pancreatic lipase inhibitor, which works in the intestine by preventing splitting of food fat making it impossible to be absorbed. Therefore, about 25% of unabsorbed fat is excreted undigested.

When is Generic Xenical prescribed?

Generic Xenical is prescribed for obesity medical management and can be prescribed as a weight-reducing treatment along with low-calorie diet and as a tool to keep kilograms off. It is usually administered to people whose body-weight index is 30 kg/m² and above. The drug is often administered to patients with diabetes, high cholesterol level, heart disease and arterial hypertension. It is approved for use in adults and children over 12.

How to take Generic Xenical?

Generic Xenical dosage is one and the same for every patient, regardless of age, weight and concurrent diseases, and usually is 120 mg at a time. The medicine should be ingested thrice daily with every fat-containing meal or an hour after the meal. When you have a fat-free meal, the dose may be skipped. Fat-soluble vitamins intake is recommended 2 hours prior or after the drug intake, as the drug decreases their absorption.

When is Generic Xenical contraindicated?

Generic Xenical is contraindicated to patients with malabsorption, idiosyncrasy of the drug and reduced gallbladder function. The medicine shouldn’t be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Caution should be addressed to patients with bile duct obstruction, impaired hepatic function and pancreatic insufficiency.

What are Generic Xenical side effects?

Generic Xenical side effects are generally minor and temporary. They may include increased bowel movements, fecal urgency, fatty or oily stool, abdominal pain, nausea. The abovementioned side effects can be easily eliminated by cutting down the amount of dietary fat and taking fat-controlled food. Severe side effects as signs of liver damage (yellow eyes or skin, dark urine or light-colored stool), kidney stones and allergic reactions must be momentarily reported to the consulting physician.

Where can one buy Generic Xenical?

One can buy Generic Xenical online. The medicine is available in the form of pills with 60 mg and 120 mg strength. Low cost, delivery worldwide, bonus pills, dispatch within a 24 hour timeframe are only a few advantages of buying online.

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