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Generic Zithromax 250 mg

Generic Zithromax 250 mg online

This is an antibiotic drug of azalide group. It kills bacteria that commonly causes infections of upper respiratory tract, middle ear. The substance may be also used as a preventive measure in patients with weak immune system.

Generic Zithromax 500 mg

Generic Zithromax 500 mg online

This macrolide antibiotic can be used in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, for example caused by Chlamydia.

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What is Generic Zithromax?

Generic Zithromax is an analog of Zithromax; it’s antibiotic drug of macrolide group. Azithromycin (active component of the medicine) is used to fight opportunistic bacterial infections of different types, it’s very strong in its activity. The drug is usually in pills or capsules.

What indications for Generic Zithromax are?

Generic Zithromax may set different effective treatment of bacterial infections. But it’s not used in the treatment of viral infections. Nevertheless it is often administered to AIDS-infected people to prevent the spread of infection in their body.

In what cases is Generic Zithromax usually administered?

This medicine is administrated in case of skin and ears infections, respiratory tract infections, sexually transmitted infections etc. In addition this drug is effective against pneumonia, tonsillitis, and strep throat in children.

How one should take Generic Zithromax?

Zithromax is taken orally, usually once a day, regardless of the meal. Patients with diseases of the stomach should take it during eating with food. Dosage of the drug should be prescribed by your doctor depending on the severity of disease and the general condition of the heath. The dose for children is prescribed depending on the child's weight.
Patients should take the drug as many days as it instructed. You can not interrupt treatment, even when you start to feel healthier. Premature discontinuation of your treatment may cause an increase in the survived bacteria and the disease recurrence. In case when there is no improvement of the patient’s health, or it get worse, they should immediately consult their doctor.

What precautions are there?

If you have allergic reactions to Azithromycin, then you should not take Generic Zithromax. Also drugs which include components that may neutralize action of Azithromycin (containing aluminum and magnesium) should be taken no earlier than in 2 hours after taking Generic Zithromax. Generic Zithromax is contraindicated in certain diseases of the kidneys and liver, it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as well as in certain diseases of the heart.

What side effects may come?

Generic Zithromax may cause some side effects: bloody or watery diarrhea, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, dark urine, jaundice, fever, headache, rash on the skin. In case of one of the above side effects, you should visit a doctor. There may also be less severe side effects while taking the drug.

Where you can by Generic Zithromax?

In order to buy Generic Zithromax today, or any other medicine, you don't have to waste your time and stand in long queues at pharmacies. There is a more simple and comfortable way - online pharmacy. So, with buying needed drugs online you save your time and healthy forces and also take advantage of low prices, free delivery and different pleasuring bonuses.

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