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General Healthy Living Advices

Leading a healthy lifestyle is the best way to have a sound mind in a sound body and improve longevity. The foundational strategies that do not change with the development of science and human progress are simple: watching calories and eating healthy, leading an active lifestyle regularly, working off excess weight, quitting smoking and alcohol consumption, getting plenty of sleep, monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol levels, managing stress, limiting toxin exposure and protecting yourself from spread of germs to avoid antibiotic overuse. Taking the following healthy living advices you can extend your life span and improve quality of living.

Eat healthy. Eat plenty of raw food like whole grains, fruits and vegetables daily. Consume healthy fats like eggs, butter, coconut and olive oil, avocados and nuts. Limit drinks and foods high in calories, salt, sugar, saturate fats and alcohol. Eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and keep cholesterol in check.

Be active. Exercise regularly. Walk at least 30 minutes every day and be active at least 2 hours a week. Include activities that strengthen your bones and muscles and raise breathing and heart rates. Regular physical activity helps to maintain weight, lower blood pressure, alleviate arthritis pain, reduce risk for osteoporosis, bring down stress and anxiety, minimize the risk for stroke, heart attack, non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and some types of cancer.

Quit smoking. Once you’ve made up your mind to kick the habit, earn support from your friends and relatives. Change your daily routine and avoid your smoking triggers. Swap your coffee drink for a glass of milk to make cigarettes taste worse and do not forget to combine these quit strategies with smoking cessation medications to stop tobacco cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms. Don’t be afraid of gaining weight. You may put on some weight early on, but it’s only temporary.

Protect yourself. Wash your hands to prevent the spread of infections and illnesses. Avoid unprotected casual sex not to get ill with STDs, whose treatment requires antibiotics. Protect yourself from the sun to reduce the risk of skin, mammary and other cancer types. Avoid second hand smoking (breathing other people’s smoke). Get on well with your family, colleagues and friends. Learn to cope with stress to protect your overall and mental health.

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t imply hours of training at the gym and eating only raw food. Healthy style is a balance of mental and physical health acquired through a succession of easy-to-manage healthy choices in a day-to-day living.

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