How should a breastfeeding woman feed herself?

The breastfeeding period is the most important period for a mother after giving birth. It is during this period that she eats a balanced diet in order to restore her nutritional reserves after childbirth and avoid exhaustion. Read the following lines of this article to find out how to eat during this period.

What foods should a breastfeeding mother take?

First of all, remember that your body needs extra calories to produce milk. So you need to eat as much as you can. This has never been a good time to diet. Secondly, you need to eat all the nutritious foods that are essential to your health and that of your baby. Also, in addition to your three daily meals, have a few healthy and nutritious snacks. Examples include fruit, vegetables, muffins, cheese and many others. In addition, some women may lose their appetite while breastfeeding. When this happens, it is advisable to take vitamin and mineral supplements. Finally, you should drink enough water. If your urine is dark, it may be a sign that you are not getting enough water.

Some foods to avoid while breastfeeding

First of all, you should avoid energy drinks. These drinks contain substances that can be harmful to your baby’s health. Apart from energy drinks, limit your consumption of canned tuna to 300g per week. In addition, control your alcohol intake. Regular consumption of alcohol can slow down your baby’s weight gain and harm his or her development. In addition, you should also avoid drinking more than two cups of tea a day. Tea contains coffee, which is not good for your baby’s health. Finally, if it is too much, drink only two cups a day of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soft drinks. However, herbal teas and non-caffeinated drinks will not cause you any problems.


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