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Male Pattern Baldness

Most men face the problem of receding hairline when they reach middle age, though some men may develop these symptoms as early as 18. Hair shedding is embarrassing and distressing especially if you are concerned about your appearance. To combat this problem is easier than one may think. Nowadays there is a wide range of medicinal treatments, which will help to regain hair growth. Over the years there were used different methods to combat this issue, including painful and bothersome graft hair surgery. Today we are happy to introduce you a new male pattern baldness treatment, Propecia, which has proven to be safe and efficacious for thick, healthy hair regrowth.

What are male pattern baldness symptoms?
The terminal stage baldness symptoms can be easily recognized with the naked eye: hair starts thinning on top and forehead, making the scalp more visible. However, early stages are difficult to recognize and months may pass before you could notice hair shedding at temples and crown. In male pattern baldness the hair recedes in ‘M’ shape at the front of the head. Some men also lose hair at the back of the head.

What are the treatment options for male pattern baldness?
Male pattern baldness therapy can be of two types: medicamentous and operative. The former may include over-the-counter drug treatment and treatment prescribed by your doctor. Decision making is completely dependent on the patient and should be decided only after thorough research of the subject. Many unreliable online pharmacies and clinics give illusory hopes to men, driving them to a nonplus. Propecia is a proven efficacious hair loss remedy that encourages new hair growth through a natural way and pace.

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