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Why is obesity now considered to be a disease?

Over the last decade, obesity has become one of the biggest global problems. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, over 40 million adults in the world are obese. So, what exactly is obesity? Obesity is a condition when the body accumulates so much fat that the fat creates serious health risks for the body. According to the health experts, in ten years’ time, obesity will replace smoking as the number one cause of preventable death in the world. They also estimate that approximately 30 000 people will die every year from obesity-related conditions. These include: some forms of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases. Fortunately, there are weight-loss pills, and other obesity treatments that can help people overcome obesity and live a healthy life. If you are overweight and feel the need to change and get healthy, you can order obesity medications on the Internet.

Obesity Symptoms
There is no specific weight at which a person is considered obese. It all depends on the person’s height and gender. There is an easy and common way to determine whether you are overweight or not. The BMI (Body Mass Index) is usually used. It is a calculation that involves the ratio of your height to your weight. People with a BMI of over 27 are considered seriously overweight and over 30 - obese. It is extremely easy to calculate your BMI using an online calculator.

Causes of obesity
There are a variety of factors that can lead to obesity. It can be the result of unhealthy eating, genetics, and even poor lifestyle habits. Genetically, there is no “fat” gene, but there are genes that can increase the appetite and cause a person to eat more. There are also genes that cause the body to store more fat than necessary. However, these cases are not widespread. Mostly, people are just not as physically active as they were 50 years ago, and the quality of the foods is also a lot worse. There are also a few medical conditions, such as the Cushing syndrome, the polycystic ovary syndrome, and under-active thyroid gland that can cause a person to gain weight. Starting the contraceptive pill and quitting smoking can also lead to weight-gain.

How to lose weight
The two most important parts of weight-loss are diet and exercises. To improve your diet, you can start by cutting down on the high-fat and starchy foods and increasing the amount of water you drink and fruit and other low-calorie foods you eat. Exercise can also be easily incorporated into your daily routine. You can walk or do other light exercise to burn those calories and be fit. The Department of Health states that an adult needs to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. A child, on the other hand, needs 60 minutes of exercise a day.

Obesity treatment

If exercise and healthy eating doesn’t provide the desired results, many people turn to surgery. Although it seems like an effective quick-fix, there are many potential risks involved. But there is another way, and that is oral medication. There are several weight loss pills that have been successful in helping people lose weight.

Ordering obesity medication online
Weight loss medication can be the right solution for people who desperately need to lose the weight and have been unable to do so through diet and exercises. It is now possible to purchase your weight loss meds online. All you need to do is complete a health consultation to make sure that the medication is right for you. After that, you will be right on your way to losing weight and getting healthier.

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