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Women’s Health in details

Women’s diseases comprise a group of diseases related to the anatomical and physiological peculiarities of female body. Gynecologist is the doctor who deals with this type of diseases. Gynecology as a science appeared in the middle of the 19th century. Years have passed, the approach to the detection and treatment of certain diseases affecting only women have changed, but women’s diseases haven’t disappeared.

The use of antibiotics, as well as abidance by the rules of antiseptics and asepsis during surgeries and childbirth, has made revolution in medicine. But statistics states that the number of gynecological diseases has been increasing in recent years. That is due to the adverse conditions of living in big cities, fast tempo of life, stresses and poor immunity. Some of the causes of various gynecological problems consist in irregular and often promiscuous sexual relations, violation of the rules of hygiene, uncontrolled intake of hormonal and antimicrobial drugs.

Hormonal changes in female body during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or lactation, or menopause can also provoke the appearance and development of various female diseases. Thus, to avoid symptoms of menopause Premarin, Prempro, or anything of that kind can be administered to female patients.

Among the most common diseases of that type we should mention inflammations of female external and internal genital organs, hormonal disorders, benign and malignant tumors of urogenital system and breast (Nolvadex, Arimidex, Femara can be prescribed for breast cancer), abnormal development of genitalia.

There are some reports stating that a number of internal and blood diseases have a negative impact on the state of the female reproductive system and may provoke the development of genital diseases. Quite often the cause of such a disease can be some infection followed by intoxication (quinsy, typhoid, measles, flu), when infection spreads through lymphogenic or hematogenic ways. The most common among female genital diseases are the inflammatory processes of various localizations - inflammations of vaginal mucosa (vaginitis), neck of the womb, uterus (endometritis), and uterine appendages (adnexitis). Such inflammations may lead in some cases to female infertility (depending on the infertility cause Clomid, Serophene, Repronex, Bravelle, Pregnyl, Glucophage, sometimes Nolvadex, although its main purpose is to treat breast cancer, or other drugs can be prescribed).

On the background of some diseases or even psychological problems women may also experience lack of sexual desire or even lack of sexual pleasure, for such cases there are drugs like Womenra and others.

To sum up we should say that our health is a rather fragile thing, never ignore it and take good care of it!

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