Painful periods: what tips can you use to avoid them?

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon that occurs in women every month from puberty until the menopause. In fact, some women feel some discomfort on the eve of or during their period, which is called painful periods. How to fight against painful periods? This is the concern that this article will address.

Herbs, natural remedies to soothe period pain

Plants are natural remedies to fight against painful periods. It is clear that plants play a major role in the body. Apart from their role in defending health, they are very effective remedies for relieving discomfort during menstruation. In fact, there are several herbs that can be used to soothe painful periods. Among these, we can mention yarrow.

Yarrow is found throughout Europe and contains azulene and flavonoids. Thanks to these two components, it is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and relaxing. It is used to calm lower abdominal pain and cramps.  In addition to this plant, there are also raspberry leaves.

The leaves of the raspberry tree, common in France, are medicinal plants. They contain flavonoids which, thanks to its antispasmodic role, soothe pain, fighting against violent contractions and disorders.

It is necessary to note that most of these plants are not recommended for children, pregnant women, women suffering from cancer and nursing mothers.

The hot water bottle, a tip par excellence for relieving painful periods.

The hot water bottle is a powerful remedy that helps the good irrigation of the blood of the uterus thanks to the heat that it releases on the lower abdomen. This heat release gratifies the contribution of oxygen and relaxes the muscles to relieve pain. Also, this heat comes into contact with the blood vessels to dilate the blood. As a result, the hot water bottle soothes period pains.

Oils to soothe menstrual pain.

Oils with their antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, such as raspberry leaves and yarrow, are used to calm involuntary contractions during the menstrual cycle. There are several types of oil, of which basil oil can be listed.

Basil oil has an effect on the uterine muscles and acts on the nervous system in order to reduce the pain caused by menstruation. It also has tarragon which is essential for managing the pain felt during menstruation.

Clary sage, an interesting oil to get rid of period pain.

Clary sage is an oil which, thanks to its antispasmodic and calming powers, can relieve pain. It reduces the effects of oestrogen and limits uterine contractions in the body.

Tarragon is a fragrant, vegetable herb. This oil is effective in treating menstrual pain. It is often applied to the abdomen with a small massage to relieve the pain.

On the other hand, these oils are not recommended for women suffering from cancer.






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